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Australian Open 2023

As Kia celebrated 22 years as a Major Partner of the Australian Open, the brand briefed us in to create an activation that would shift consumer perceptions whilst creating impacting content moments across social media.

Drawing on the motion and rhythm of the sky and sea, the concept in focus was ‘Kia – A New Wave’, highlighting the next wave of Kia’s electrification strategy. To hero this, we designed the ‘Enjoy Your Flight’ display – a curved mirrored platform that took centre stage at Grand Slam Oval, displaying a floating Kia EV6. Elevated over mesmerizing LED visuals of clouds and waves, this hero moment gave the illusion of a car taking flight, capturing the attention of passers-by and drawing them in to discover more. Supporting displays echoed this concept, with additional interactive content from tennis ambassadors that engaged and immersed visitors.

This high energy experience that highlighted the new wave for Kia, garnered over 36,000 visitors over the span of 14 days, at the Grand Slam Oval displays.


Mumbrella. Kia launches Kia Halo activation at the Australian Open, via Studio Messa

Traced News. Kia launches Kia Halo at Australian Open with Studio Messa


Australian Open 2022

At the 2022 Australian Open, Kia, a major sponsor and partner of 21 years, wanted to make a big impact for consumers and show the brand’s latest innovation. Launching the new electric EV6 at the Open was the perfect opportunity to showcase this evolution. 

The ‘EV6 New Perspective’ experience challenged any preconceptions of the brand, as well as what can be achieved with electric cars. A bespoke, highly impactful installation acted as the car’s platform. With a fluid, curved and dynamic design, the structure mirrored key features of the EV6, and reflected Kia’s ethos – ‘Movement That Inspires’. 

An interactive Portl installation allowed guests to interact with tennis stars in hologram form, encouraging engagement with passers-by, while the behind-the-scenes content series allowed Kia to showcase the car’s technology and thought process behind this activation across social

Together, all touch points of this campaign illustrated who Kia really is as a brand, positioning them as an innovative car manufacturer of the future.

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