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At Home 

As part of the launch of the new Chandon brand story, we were asked to create a series of at-home events, bringing Domaine Chandon and the Yarra Valley to five homes across Sydney and Melbourne.

We created interactive experiences in five influencers’ homes, with a curated event that had carefully designed touchpoints to showcase what Chandon is all about: a focus on craftmanship, curiosity, quality, and uniqueness. New brand codes were featured throughout each element of the event, including a physical invitation sent to all guests, a branded photo moment (complete with hashtag for optimum social sharing), servers’ uniforms, lunch menu, and embroidered napkins. Guests were welcomed into the homes and offered playful moments of opening a Chandon Magnum, a keepsake to mark a grapevine planted in their name at the Chandon winery, lunch of share plates inspired by the Yarra Valley, and a mixology bar and DJ station where guests were encouraged to mix their own cocktails, backed to music of their choice. Attendees left with a gift and were later sent an invitation to the winery and playlist from the event to relive their memories.

By creating an interactive event that encouraged involvement from guests, we immersed each attendee into the world of Chandon, helped by the use of brand codes and strong ties to Domaine Chandon and the Yarra Valley.


Aje Athletica

To launch the new Aje Athletica collection, the Sydney-based brand wanted media and influencers to trial use it as they would, rather than simply showcasing the items on display. The team also asked for an immersive experience that would showcase the brand pillars of performance, wellness, sustainability, and fashion. For this event, guests were transported to the stunning Bouddi National Park where they would spend the day wearing the new collection and putting it to the test. On arrival at Putty Beach, a sand covered Aje Athletica logo provided the perfect photo moment, before guests were welcomed to country, and embarked on a run and holistic wellness and flow session led by brand ambassadors.

Guests then hopped on board an Aje Athletica-branded boat where a long, nutritious lunch was served surrounded by local flora and premium natural textures. In keeping with the brand’s commitment to sustainability, the lunch menu came on native Australian seed paper that guests could take home and plant. Photographers and videographers captured the day to create stunning campaign content, using the natural backdrop of rock formations, sand, sea, and sky that complemented the collection.

By using subtle branding throughout and ensuring brand pillars were present at every touchpoint, we were able to showcase all elements of this collection and create a series of ‘real’ campaign content to be used across Aje’s marketing channels.

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