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Chroma Resort 21

Aje challenged us to launch their Resort 21 collection entitled ‘Chroma’ in lieu of a traditional fashion runway that was planned for May 2020 however due to COVID didn’t go ahead.

The objective was to go viral, encouraging guests to generate hype through their social channels during and post event as well as incite brand desire with their audience in real life and through digital amplification.

We created an evocative journey through the new Chroma collection by Aje; echoing the collection’s exploration of the impact colour can have on emotion, guests explored a series of rooms that each showcased the collection in various, and breathtakingly curious ways.

Transforming the experience into a content engine through highly shareable, awe inspiring and immersive spaces that stimulated guests’ senses through unexpected shifts in energy and mood.

#AjeChroma’s top performing solo Instagram Grid posts reached 81k reach

453 total individual pieces of coverage across traditional press and social media

Aje Instagram grid received a total 24 hour reach of 611,673 isolated Instagram user accounts

123 individual pieces of online and offline coverage posted to a 352 million total online  readership base. 

The experience saw  330 Instagram posts of user generated content

Images by Myles Kalus, Isaac Brown & Gemma De Maria

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